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Years of expertise. Discover Curated Floors – where hardwood floors are crafted with care and custom options await. Transform your space seamlessly in Houston, embracing the beauty of curated details.

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Trusted experience

Trusted Hardwood Expertise

Through a seamless fusion of craftsmanship, engineering, and design mastery, Curated Floors, a division of Jamail Hardwoods, redefines hardwood elegance. Our expertise brings forth exceptional designs, transforming spaces into timeless showcases of sophistication.

Engineered hardwood

Custom hardwood design

Eco-friendly wood options

Hardwood flooring
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Who are we?

Jamail Hardwoods

Celebrate Elegance with Our Hardwood Flooring Expertise. We specialize in luxury hardwood products, crafting bespoke designs to elevate your space to unparalleled sophistication.

Our services

Hardwood services

Explore Expert Craftsmanship and Custom Options for Your Hardwood Floor Installation.

Revitalize your floors with our Hardwood Floor Repair – quality fixes for a renewed, stunning look.

Renew your floors with our Hardwood Floor Refinishing – timeless shine, expertly restored.


Explore Curated Floors' enduring beauty, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth to any space with our premium hardwood options.

Crafted for

Discover Curated Floors' hardwood floors designed for enduring durability, ideal for both high-traffic areas and serene retreats.


Elevate your space with Curated Floors' responsibly sourced hardwood floors, seamlessly combining luxury with eco-friendly values.


Explore Our Collections

Discover enduring elegance with Curated Floors' hardwood flooring options, alongside a curated selection of tiles, moss applications, and claddings. Elevate your space with bespoke designs and luxurious choices.

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